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  We are giving a free consultation ($120 value) until January 15th.  We will complete a screening to best determine how we can most optimally, work with your particular needs. We tailor our products and plans to you and help you choose the best plan that you can manage. 

We will discuss what areas would be the most beneficial to work on now to alleviate the consequences of shortened telomeres. We will introduce and explain our products and plans that have the best potential to help you in the quickest way.   

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We guarantee all our products with a no question return policy for thirty days.  We are proud of our world class products which have continued to impact lives in a timely manner. We have found that, when we learn how to lengthen telomeres, we gain very beneficial and remarkable differences in our lives.    

Benefits of Lengthening your Telomeres

  The shortening of human telomeres - caps that protect our chromosomes from deterioration - has been associated with aging and disease. Now, researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, say they have found a way to lengthen these telomeres, potentially opening the door to new treatments for many age-related and genetic conditions.    

Chromosomes are thread-like structures situated at the end of DNA strands that contain all our genetic information. Telomeres protect our chromosomes from becoming damaged during cell division.  However, telomeres become shorter with each cell division and can reach a point where they are no longer able to protect the chromosomes, leaving them open to deterioration. This leads to aging and disease development. Studying human cells in the laboratory is important for finding new ways to treat such diseases, but the team says the shortening of telomeres makes this challenging; it only allows researchers to monitor cells over a few divisions before they die. But now, scientist and their team say they have found a way to extend the length of telomeres, which could increase the number of human cells available for studying. 

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